Water tank plant “COMPLEX 1”

О заводе

“COMPLEX 1” is a diversified enterprise, that was founded in 1991 by scientific workers of Rostov institute of civil engineering. For today the enterprise consists of great team of highly qualified engineers and workers. One of the main activities of the company is manufacturing and installation of modular (sectional) bolted water tanks. All technological processes related to manufacturing of bolted water tanks are taken at production area of our plant. Modern lathes, coordinate-punching and laser machines, sheet bending machines and presses, latest technologies and instruments for metalworking allow to the plant to produce high qulity tanks in tight schedule.

“Complex 1” plant makes input quality control of all materials, that are used for water tanks manufacturing, including chemical composition check in the laboratory, which is a part of enterprise's structure.

Our plant is the sole manufacturer of bolted steel water tanks in Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Tanks made by COMPLEX 1 plant give you a possibility:

  • to get a service of a single order cycle, from designing to putting into operation;
  • to get qulity tanks with estimated lifetime from 30 to 50 years (depending on used material);
  • to increase production efficiency (for industrial enterprises);
  • to reduce enterprise's maintanance costs

Produced equipment