Доставка и монтаж резервуаров в Москве



Standard warranty for materials and components of modular reservoirs is 18 months since release date.

After assembling (supervision assembling) by our staff we provide leakpfoorness warranty for assembled tank. In this case head of assembling team makes appropriate mark about assembling in passport of the tank and then warranty comes into effect.

For quality control of assembled tank and it's compliance with functional purpose examinations are hold according to programm given in passport of the reservoir.

Delivery of tanks

Delivery of tanks

When customer searches for tanks manufacturer, he looks at his remoteness from the plant. And that's right. Because remoteness of tanks manufacturer influenses a lot at cost and delivery of ready tanks from the plant.

Considering water tanks made by our plant, delivery doesn't influense a lot at cost and erection time, because tanks are delivered unassembled in compact package. Prefabricated panels are packed in wooden boxes. For example, for delivery of tank with 300 cbm capacity it's enough one standard tented vehicle or 40' container.

This allows to deliver modular tanks easily to hard-to-get regions, for example, alpine areas.

Erection of tanks

There are two options for erection of our tanks:

  1. Assembling by our qualified crew.
  2. Often our customers assemble bought tanks themselves (both small and large capacities). In this case our plant provides detailed assembling manual, including written description, schemes and photos.

When assembling is made by our qualified crew, we provide hydraulic examinations, then tank's passport is being signed and warranty comes into effect.

Simplicity of assemblage of the tank (without welding) is provided by preliminary preparation of construction elements at the plant. Erection is going in short terms at limited space by the minimal crew resources. It helps to save money significantly.

Tanks are being installed on concrete base.

Hydraulic examination is implemented by filling the tank with water till project level and holding it for 1 day.